The Black Book of Luxury


Much like in nature, our new collection showcases soft neutral tones offset by surprising dashes of bright floral hues. Featuring a color palette of powder white, tan and olive tones, as well as a refreshing burst of magenta and yellow, each piece is innately enchanting. Developing our exploration of natural tones amplified with bold color, our muted snakeskin pieces are hand-painted with vivid strokes of yellow and green. Ushering in a new sense of balance, this collection plays with both neutrality and brightness, as well as the contrast between soft and structured materials. Designed to be highly versatile, bold and effortless, each unique piece conjures a feeling of wanderlust. New additions to the collection include the Eclipse Bag, Bucket Bag and Sac Voyage, which are as compact as they are secure. Timeless designs, minimal lines and contrasting hues epitomize the striking character of the new season.

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